It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted an interview in our People of Fly Fishing series; here’s one we’re very pleased to share. We chatted with Steve Galletta, one of the principles at Montana Trout Anglers (source of the image to the right) and blogging about the Bighorn here, way back in May during […]

Every year about this time the Bighorn has a couple weeks of tougher fishing.  The lake is turning over, discoloring the water somewhat but this will subside later this month.  Last week, flows went up to over 3,400 cfs, which as you might imagine had a negative impact on the trout.  But the water has […]

As many other rivers in the area, the Bighorn is transitioning from its summer pattern to fall.  The days of hopper fishing are long gone.  If there were any terrestrials left, they won’t last beyond tomorrow night.  The forecast low for Friday night is -4 here in Bozeman.  That’s damn cold. The cool weather is […]

The Bighorn is fishing well.  Flows are just above 3,000 cfs this morning, which is a pretty good level for both floaters and wader fishermen.  Due to the hot weather, there are a lot of weeds in the water this time of year.  Be ready to deal with it. Hoppers have been pretty hot all […]

The Bighorn seems to be holding pretty steady these days.  Except for flows, which have come up yet again in the past few days.  As of last night, flows were reading at 3,340 cfs up from around 3,000 cfs for most of the week. Like many other rivers at this point in time, hoppers are […]

Flows bumped back up again on the Bighorn two days ago to over 3,500 cfs.  They had been under 3,200 for several days, which was great for fishing.  The higher flows mean less water is accessible to wade fishermen and the fish are going to be deeper. Hoppers seem to be the main dry fly […]

  Flows on the Bighorn are being lowered again, down to 3,500 cfs at some point in the next few days.  This means already good fishing conditions are going to stay that way! Hoppers are the big news over here, as on most rivers right now.  With the lower flows and warmer temps, the bugs […]

  Flows have come down quite a bit on the Bighorn in the past week: down to just over 4,000 cfs at St. Xavier this morning.  This means that it is now possible (and safe) to wade the river!  It also means dry fly fishing is picking up. The fish have really been going after […]

  Flows are finally dropping over on the Bighorn.  As of this morning, flows out of the dam are around 7,300 cfs.  About time they were coming down.  There is still a lot of water in the river, but conditions are much better. The fish remain hungry for nymphs, particularly worms, sow bugs, ray charles, […]

There is a lot of water in the Bighorn right now.  Over 12,600 cfs as of this writing.  Clarity is good, but don’t plan to fish the river from the shore or wading though.  A boat is pretty much your only option. Because of the amounts of water flowing, there is not a whole lot […]

Flows on the Big Horn have been bumped to over 12,400 cfs as of this morning.  There is a lot of water in the river right now, making wading somewhat dangerous.  Be careful.  With the massive amounts of water in the river right now, the fish are holding in the pockets, pools and quiet places […]

Flows are up over 11,000 cfs as of this morning on the Bighorn.  The fish are still feeding, but it is a nymphing game at this point. Fish worms, scuds, stonefly nymphs, caddis and mayfly pupae deep in the good looking runs.  You are most likely going to have to bring some split shot to […]

Not a whole lot has changed on the Bighorn.  The fishing is good, the river is still pretty crowded, and the water remains clear.  Midges and BWOs are the main course over here, both above and below the surface.  Look for the dries in the afternoons and fish small nymphs until then.  Streamer fishing has […]

Two things about the Bighorn seldom change this time of year: the fishing and the crowds.  The river is fishing good right now, and lots of folks know about it.  If you can stand the crowds, then you can do quite well. There have been lots of Baetis on top still, mainly in the afternoons.  […]