The Chi Wulff team is pleased to present this roster of handy river summaries which are intended to provide you key features of the principle rivers that we follow here in southern and southwest Montana and Yellowstone. 

It’s much harder than you’d first imagine to describe the beauty, power, and fishing characteristics of these great rivers in a few words on paper or on a website.  Just like you, we’re all fascinated by moving water, and have read many of the great authors who have labored to do justice to a written description of these waters – it’s not as easy as it might sound. 

Our intent in providing these river descriptions is not to offer lengthy, flowery descriptions of each river – it’s to provide you with a basic yet meaningful overview that will perhaps help you make a decision about fishing a river, and give you a heads up to practical features of the river that will make your fishing experience better. 

Each river page will describe the location, features, seasonal strategies, special regulations, important river access and mileage features, and special cautions for that particular river. 

We’ve also provided links on each river page; one is a link to the Chi Wulff blog category for that particular river which will contain a series of updates posted on a more or less weekly schedule during the open season for the river (year round for many of the rivers in Montana).  Where available, we’ve also provided a link to the real time river flow gage(s) most important for garnering up to date flow information for the most fishable sections of the river.  

Montana Rivers
Southwest South/Central Southeast



Yellowstone Rivers
Northeast Corner Central Western