Why I Fish

It’s been a few months since I’ve been asked why I fish, specifically why I fly fish. In response to this most recent query, after thinking about it for a moment, I simply replied ‘fly fishing is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get’ on any given day. My droll […]


Fishermen have had a long history of story telling.  It comes with the territory, and is an essential part of the game without which our sport wouldn’t be so deep and rich.  The vast majority of fishing stories are complete and total bullshit, but they are still pretty fun to listen to. When I say […]

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of doing a bit of traveling – some fishy, some fun, some not so fun. Last Thursday was the final leg of that sojourn, driving from Bozeman back out to near Olympia on the Sound. Leaving Montana is always melancholy inducing; a cup of strong locally-owned […]

Yesterday I saw my first blue wing olives of the year. There were only a couple of flies and the fish that were up ignored the tiny sailboats and kept eating midges. Still, there is something about that first mayfly that signals a change. I never really think too much about the changing seasons. At […]

Fly fishing, like much of life, is often made a great deal more user-friendly when you learn to read the signs. Obvious signs abound. Things like the time of day, cloudy or sunny, water flows, water clarity, today’s hatch de jour (or lack thereof), wind, one’s hydration / hangover status and whether or not there’s […]

Like many fishers I’ve been infected by a life-long fascination with water. Water that’s moving simply can’t be ignored. Moving water filled with the heady potential of fish to be fished over is a damned black hole. Fall in there my friend and you may never get out. What child (of any age) hasn’t walked […]

Reflection accompanies birthdays like a glass of milk accompanies brownies.  One inevitably follows the other.  With my birthday coming up later this week, I’ve been somewhat thoughtful about how things have gotten this way. This line of thought was spurred along by a conversation I had at work with my newest staff member.  I don’t […]

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man – Heraclitus This quote floated across my twitter feed a couple of days ago and immediately transported me to what I still picture in my mind’s eye as home water – the upper reaches […]

Sometimes the shit just hits the fan.  Things add up on top of each other, you realize you’re nowhere near where you thought you would be at this age, you feel like your day job is going to kill you, and it seems like nothing you are doing or working on really matters a damn. […]

Excepting our tropical flats loving brethren, and those living full time in the South (say everything south of lower-third Colorado), those of us standing today on the cusp of another long, dark, cold winter know deep in our collective guts that winter-season fly fishing has arrived. Numb fingers and toes, iced-up guides, shore and slush […]

Viewed through the eye of the non-fishing observer, a great deal of the proceedings associated with fly fishing must appear rather ritualistic. Thinking about it over the past couple of flu-addled days, my fishing compadres and I have succumbed to a fair number of rituals during the twenty-seven years I’ve been fly fishing. (Tangential thought […]

Winter isn’t even really here yet, and I’m already thinking about next year.  A lot of us fly fishermen have put down our rods for at least a couple months by this point in the year, and honestly, it’s kind of nice to have a break.  Winter is traditionally a time of knuckling down and […]

Clearly biased by Montana / Northern Rockies-centric thinking, the first week of November has always marked a fairly hard turning point in the fly fishing season. This is the last weekend for fly fishing in Yellowstone; park gates (all but the North Entrance) will be locked tight tomorrow morning at eight o’clock. For the second […]

Several months ago I wrote about anticipation, about how fly fishing is filled with moments of waiting and hoping for things to happen. Recently, I’ve been absent from Chi Wulff for a host of boring reasons, not the least of which is that I find myself worrying perhaps a bit too much about the goings […]

A recent discussion with a new creative (as in works in the ‘creative industries’) acquaintance rolled around to the topic of how we sourced our creative inspiration. He launched into a heady discussion of the Seattle alternative art and music scene and how he simply couldn’t function without ‘deep immersion’ (whatever the hell that means) […]