While we’re just now getting to the real snowpack building season for the Northern Rockies, it’s hard to ignore the decent looking numbers for December. Precipitation for Montana’s Water Year to Date by basin (above) looks pretty impressive considering recent years past, the more critical (read meaningful) Snow Water Equivalent numbers by basin (below) even […]


Art of the Storm from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

Most freestone-river-fishing fly fishers like (if not love) snow – mountain snowpack is the critical source of fishable waters for the bulk of the year. The snowy season also ushers forth a flood of recreation opportunities and we’ve burned many a day on the mountain riding skinny and fat skis up and down the hills. […]

One Inch of Snow

by Mark McGlothlin on February 19, 2014

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Suggested by friend SS in Anchorage yesterday. Posted without further comment save for adding we’re really not gently teasing our friends in the South.

Friends back home in Montana have consulted the crystal ball they use to predict the weather this morning and found it looking awfully pink. Pink as in winter storm warning pink. Two good friends headed to Craig yesterday to enjoy what they had hoped would be a quiet four days of fishing on the Missouri. […]

Could be better, could be worse. Another system is blowing through part of Montana today with another 5-10 inches due in central and southwestern higher elevations. It’s warm enough to be raining in Bozeman this morning according to Jake, prompting this recent exchange. (It’s somewhat early, hence the limited range of utilized vocabulary.) If Blue […]

The Spring Tease

by Mark McGlothlin on February 17, 2013

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Pushing fifty without a cloud in the sky one day. Complete with birds singing and patches of pasture and yard beginning to peep through the winter’s mantle of snow. Comfortable enough to leave the coat hanging in the hallway and drive with the window down, a feat not accomplished since November. Sunny enough to invoke […]

We’re moving into that time of year when shoveling snow and driving snow-packed and icy roads loses the sexy allure it had back in late November and early December. Despite a growing disdain for late winter, fly fishers of the Northern Rockies begin to pay more attention to the snow pack numbers this time of […]

Well I’ll be damned. Most of the time when the weatherman says it’s going to snow, it never does.  Today was one of the rare exceptions.  Here in Bozeman we went from abnormally warm and dry to snow. What I wouldn’t give to be swinging soft hackles on the Firehole right now… I apologize for […]

Been hearing a lot of chatter of late about water flows being a tad skinny back home in central and southwest Montana. Granted, for many of our friends, family, buds and even enemies back home it’s been a long, hot, fairly dry and unquestionably smokey summer. It just seems of late there’s been an unusual […]

A Taste Of Fall

by Jake McGlothlin on August 15, 2012

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Every year one of my favorite days is the first hint of fall that hits town.  You know the kind.  The first cool, overcast day after a long heat wave.  The smell of rain is in the air.  The smoke clears off and you can actually see the mountains again. That day is today.  As […]

Chatting with folks back home we’ve heard more than one comment about the (relative) lack of snow so far this year. The past couple of winters have brought heavy, lingering snowpacks that changed the fly fishing dynamic throughout much of the northern Rockies and with another La Nina in place this winter, the forecast has […]

The Intricacies of Winter

by Quinn Grover on December 20, 2011

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I haven’t fished at all since before Thanksgiving. I enjoy fishing in the winter and I wish I had gotten out on one of the bluebird weather days we’ve been lucky enough to have in my corner of the world recently, but other responsibilities conspired to keep me away from the river. Winter fishing is […]

Back in the office after an early morning strategy meeting with some of our real world business team and lo and behold, there’s some weather moving in. There’s even a little lightning starting to pop and thunder rolling…..a longer post about fishing (and other) news from Yellowstone will have to wait….our power tends to fail […]