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by Jake McGlothlin on March 4, 2015

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February is over, thank God.  I’m always glad to get that month out of the way.  Once you hit March the days get longer, you realize good BWO fishing is a month away, and summer is just a few months behind that.  There is usually still a lot of winter left but it seems more […]


A nice make-you-smile piece from American Rivers; they’re not right about everything in their platform but they’re consistently getting good things done for American waterways. Thanks for the heads up Sinjin.


Yellowstone National Park is one of those places that has always had a special place in my heart.  It was there that the love of fly fishing really took hold.  One of my earlier memories of fly fishing is on the banks of the Yellowstone below the Lake with my family.  I can’t remember if […]

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Last week I believe we had a first at the house.  We were porch sitting in February.  In case you didn’t know, porch sitting is more than just sitting down on a porch.  It is a complex ritual that involves two or more friends sitting on a porch drinking beer, telling fish stories and wondering […]


Two nifty pieces in the just released Big Sky Journal’s 2015 Fly Fishing Edition are well worth your time today. Dan Rice’s Bozeman Reel gets some well-deserved love for crafting the Bozeman Reel line in Montana; you have to dig the waders hanging just outside the shop door in the picture above. And our own Jess McGlothlin […]


Icy Days

by Jake McGlothlin on January 12, 2015

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Some days you know the conditions aren’t going to be optimal, but you have to get out anyway.  Last Thursday I was sitting at the island in our kitchen tying flies and just got the urge to go fishing.  It was 25 degrees in Bozeman, and had been damn cold the previous night.  All the […]


One of the things I personally have enjoyed almost more than anything else in fishing over the past few years has been learning to Spey cast.  The different motions, the cool gear, and being a complete beginner once again were all pretty significant draws.  And it might be elitist of me, but it’s pretty neat […]


Every now and then I really wonder why I do this at all.  I do enjoy the writing and getting to interact with everyone that we do.  But it’s a lot of work and stress sometimes.  There’s a lot of days when I just sit here and stare at the blank page and wonder what […]


As luck would have it, in the past few months I’ve met an earnest young guy who has fallen head over heels in love with fly fishing over the past year or two. I’m guessing he’s in his early thirties and he cut his fishing teeth bait-casting on the coast and flipping spinner baits on […]


A Happy Thanksgiving to all from Team Chi Wulff. May your day bring great food, good friends, peace with family and a little time to get your boots wet in water that looks something like this.


Well the first winter storm of the year has hit.  Town is blanketed in white this morning, and temps are just barely hovering above zero.  Winter has arrived. The general conception amongst the uninitiated is that fishing grinds to a halt during the winter months.  While this sometimes can be the case, winter is just […]


(Written this last Monday…) Let me preface this post: some of you will likely be offended. It’s Monday. Get a beer after work and just let it go. As noted above, it is Monday. And after being gone much of last week for work in Florida, it was just a little bit hard to come […]


Dan Rice, the chief cook and bottle washer (aka owner, president, the big kahuna) of Bozeman Reel was featured in a recent article in Outside Magazine – How to Reboot Your Career. Outside looked at five business icons who made dramatic changes in their career paths to pursue ideas or passions they simply couldn’t let […]


Days off are for fishing.  When you get invited and your schedule ends up working with it, you go.  No matter how tired you are, or how much you have to do at home.  You just go fishing. Sunday night after getting back from the Missouri, I got a text from guide and friend Ty […]


This picture was taken last October, during a great fishing trip with friend Ethan Markie.  It was one of those trips that sticks with you even though the fishing wasn’t all that great.  There is something really special about being the only ones on the water during a raging snow storm.  Not too many things […]

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