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Some of the highest praise one fisherman can pass on to another is “He’s a very fishy dude”.  In most circles, calling someone fishy has a definite negative connotation to it.  But to us, it is high praise indeed. But what does it really mean to be Fishy?  Is it the guy who has the […]


FISHSKI from scumliner media on Vimeo. Jess was working the Orvis side of the fence at the Down the Hatch film event in Missoula last weekend and said the boys brought the house down with this one. An extraordinary poke at the realm of ‘badass’ video selfies popping up all over the place these days. […]

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Mark Raisler has a wonderful Bob Lay tribute up on the Headhunters blog today, it’s don’t miss reading for those who knew Bob and appreciated his work with Montana Project Healing Waters and the FFF. Our deepest sympathies to Bob’s family; he left some mighty big wading boots to fill.


You know that feeling of anticipation when you are almost done gearing up at the car? Your waders are on, the rod is strong up, a fly has been carefully selected and tied on… You double check all your pockets and pack to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind (which you invariably are), then […]



by Mark McGlothlin on February 25, 2014

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ED from Finback Films on Vimeo. This excellent short has been making the rounds the past few days. For those who have the hankering to tell your job to shove it and hit the high country.


On one hand, about this time every year, I start to genuinely miss the summer season. Summer’s heat and 19 hours of light in the sky are but distant memories. So are the easy days of wading wet , exploring backcountry cricks and creeks and long, roasting drifts on the big waters of the Yellowstone, […]


When are you leaving a place and planning a move, you start thinking about the things you have enjoyed the absolute most and will really miss.  For me, one of those things was fishing with Shane on the great trout rivers.  We’ve spent a lot of time on the water, and have had some absolutely […]


The truck got packed, goodbyes were said, final business was taken care of, and then a long ass time was spent in a rather uncomfortable truck seat.  It’s amazing how long a drive a seem when you are by yourself.  I bet I heard the same damn dozen songs at least 10 times on the […]


From yesterday, posted in the restroom of an iconic West Yellowstone Fly Shop. Well played, gentlemen, well played.


Montana has always been my home.  Even during the times I have lived away for various reasons, it has been the place I consider “home”.  Home is a interesting name for a place.  It implies a heritage, a history, a sense of belonging.  It is where you are from and a large part of who […]


Received this via text from Jake a few minutes ago, taken somewhere between McAtee and Ennis headed north on 287, after a day’s fishing on the Madison between the lakes. The accompanying explanation: “Little snowy up here”.


The weather is cooling.  The forecast calls for snow for the next two days.  The crowds have thinned considerably.  With every chilly morning, you look up at the mountains and wonder if the big browns are moving around yet. Leave the sissy little dry fly rod at home and break out the thundersticks.  It’s streamer […]


It’s streamer time. And not just for hucking the big stuff on the big waters like the ‘Stone and the Missouri, but even more so for throwing / swinging streamers on cricks and creeks using lighter gear (opens up a whole new world). Blue wings and soft hackles on an uncrowded Firehole River. Spey gear, […]

Last week, I got a text on my day off.  It was an invite to spend the afternoon on the Yellowstone around Yankee Jim with Ethan.  We haven’t fished much together this year, and I hadn’t fished for trout in almost two months.  Responsible Me would have answered no, I have too much to do.  […]

Other than a couple of carp trips, I haven’t touched a fly rod in over a month.  That’s crazy.  I had always heard stories about people getting so wrapped up with their shitty day jobs and piddly little tasks that they run out of time to chase their passion.  That won’t happen to me, I […]