Is It Summer Yet?

by Jake McGlothlin on March 25, 2014

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Yesterday here in the PNW we had one of the first days that really felt like Spring.  The day was warm and sunny, all the trees and bushes are starting to bloom, and you could smell things again.  You know how in the dead of winter, nothing really smells?  But then on those first nice […]

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Somewhere Out West from scumliner media on Vimeo. It’s been a long, long winter back home.



by Jake McGlothlin on February 25, 2014

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John Gierach once wrote “The solution to any problem — work, love, money, whatever — is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.”.  Hardly have truer words ever been put to paper.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have had a series of misfortunes that include a […]


The Epic Land Part 1 – New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse from Bevan Percival on Vimeo.


Fire Girl Jess (my daughter) was closing in on Albany, New York this morning on the final day of a three day run from Austin to Manchester, VT to start work next week as a copywriter for Orvis. There’s been a storm back east that created a bit of news (Jess said it would have […]


Winter’s Worm

by Mark McGlothlin on December 31, 2013

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Missoula Fly Fishing Video – Winter’s Worm from Joe Cummings on Vimeo. Killer vid from friend of Chi Wulff, master guide Joe Cummings. Beware the devil worm.


It seems like the Gallatin River offers up a doozy of an ice jam every bad winter the area has, and this year is no exception.  Shane shot me over this picture a couple of days ago after driving out there to take a look.  Sounds like the ice jam has caused some flooding and […]


Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto is kicking off another 12 Days of Christmas special tomorrow, read all about it here. We think his ‘email a day’ to participate is a killer concept – one email to the contest email (you’ll see it tomorrow morning) and you’re entered for the day’s drawings. Nifty sponsors, enviable gear […]


Road Time

by Jake McGlothlin on November 13, 2013

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Nothing ever quite works out like you plan it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple fishing trip, or a cross country move.  And when things don’t work out like you want, you get frustrated.  And when I personally get frustrated, I go look at water. I don’t even need to fish, or even have […]


Another home run. Killer tarpon images and a little Texas home cooking from friend of Chi Wulff Winston Cundiff of All Water Guides. Read it here.

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Free Tom Chandler.

After a couple weeks of warmer temps, flows are finally starting to come up here in Southwest Montana.  Checked the Gallatin this morning and there has been a definite spike:   Most of the small waters in the area are blown out, and it won’t be too much longer before everything else is too.  Time […]

A Farewell to Boots

by Jake McGlothlin on April 23, 2013

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It was bound to happen and it finally did.  My four year old Korkers Guide Boots finally gave up the ghost.  The felt peeled back on one boot, the lacing system works itself loose every few hours, and a lot of the seams are worn and stretched to the limit.  While the soles are replaceable […]

Eat My Bass

by Mark McGlothlin on April 4, 2013

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Via friend of Chi Winston.

Friends and enemies back home in Montana have been telling me for weeks now: 1) How good the nymphing has been on favorite waters. 2) How tired they are of winter. 3) How amazing fish counts are on the Missouri and other rivers this year. 4) How concerned they are about the beer battles brewing. […]