Thirsty Thursday: Fourth of July Margaritas

by Jake McGlothlin on July 4, 2013

in Thirsty Thursday

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope that everyone is out fishing, camping, grilling, hanging out with friends and all other good things associated with this day.  Whatever you do, make sure there are plenty of ice cold beverages involved.

I got my Fourth celebrations going a little early last night with a pitcher of margaritas.  The fact that it was 88 degrees inside my apartment when I got home and a half hour long discussion of margaritas at work fueled my desire for a tall glass of icy goodness.

tequilaUsually when either I or most of my family make margaritas it’s pretty much the same recipe.  One can limeade mix, ice, tequila, etc etc.  However, one of the guys at work used to be a bartender and had some nice tweaks.

The first tweak is adding a shot of Gran Marnier.  Apparently this makes it a “Cadillac” Margarita.  While it sounded pretty damn good, when I got to the liquor store and saw the price of even a small bottle, I decided to pass.

The second tweak is adding a splash of orange juice, no pulp.  This one was definitely within my meager price range.  I have to say, it’s a nice touch.  Getting no pulp sounds like it’s pretty important.. You don’t want little orange chunks floating around in your drink.  Here’s the complete recipe:


1 can frozen limeade concentrate
Tequila, higher end
Triple Sec
Gran Marnier (optional)
Orange Juice

Dump can of concentrate into blender.  Fill the empty can about 3/4 full with tequila.  It’s worth it to get something a little pricier than Jose.  Top off the can with Triple Sec and pour into blender.  Fill can about half full with orange juice and add that to the blender.  Add a couple handfuls of ice cubes and blend.  Add more ice until desired texture is reached.  Pour and enjoy.

If you’re feeling fancy, salt the rims of your glasses and serve with a lime wedge in each glass.

Whatever you decide to drink on this Fourth of July, make it a good one.