Happy Independence Day to All from Team Chi Wulff (and Some Worthy Odds and Ends…)

by Mark McGlothlin on July 4, 2013

in Inquiring Minds Want to Know

May all our friends enjoy a safe, prosperous and fun Independence Day with friends, family and fish today.

DeclOfIndepdFriend and mentor Ed demands every year in a reminder call that I read the Declaration of Independence at least once a year on the 4th of July. He’s correct in saying that it’s not very fashionable these days to ponder the risks that the founders of this great nation took 237 years ago, though I’ll share Ed’s admonishment and encourage you to do so as well.

Ed (who as a fiscal conservative and more social liberal despises all political parties today) even stands to read this piece (written in 1962) before the food is served at his Independence Day shindig as a reminder that this day is about much more than fishing, great burgers, bbq and beer. [Puke on the source in comments and your comment’s gone - the point is about the founder’s story, not anybody’s political rants today.]

Freedom-SliderFriend of Chi Wulff and Glass Jedi Cameron Mortenson at the Fiberglass Manifesto is holding another auction of a patriotic themed fly this weekend to benefit Project Healing Waters. Great cause, great blog and all around good guy – well done, CM.

That’s the Freedom Slider pictured to the right and Cam is throwing in a set of matte black TFM Retro Fly Abel Nippers and Lanyard for the winner as well.

Get your bids in today.

And in followup to this post about some image related skullduggery we’ve been able to match up the Gear Patrol team with Yellowstoner and the stolen image has been taken down, though we don’t buy for a second that a high-resolution image was imported and heavily modified for commercial purposes by accident.

A hearty thanks to all of our readers who offered assistance via calls and emails; we’ll remember your generosity as will Yellowstoner.

Be safe out there and go fish.

Declaration Image via The Library of Congress