Now THIS is a Brilliant Idea: Tip the Big Hole

by Mark McGlothlin on June 6, 2013

in Water Worth Saving


Friend of Chi Wulff and Swing the Fly compadre Joe Willauer has asked us to share a heads up about a nifty event coming to benefit the Big Hole Watershed Committee.

It’s their Tip the Big Hole 2013 event to be held in just a few weeks the afternoon of June 22nd at the Sunrise Fly Shop in Melrose.

From the BHWC’s event page –

Participating Big Hole River fishing guides pledge to donate all of their earned tips earned on June 22 to the Big Hole Watershed Committee!

Guides – tell your clients! Clients – tell your guides! Today you want to “Tip the Big Hole!”

Guides may drop off their tips at the event, by mail, or online. Anyone can “Tip the Big Hole”! Consider adding your days wages or tips to this event.

Guides are asked to sign-up their pledge to donate in advance. Sign up at many participating fly shops, or by contacting us: e-mail or call 406-960-4855

The Event

Guides are invited to end their day with us in Melrose to drop off their tips and enjoy great benefits like free dinner, free drink, t-shirt, and more. Clients and other supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Dinner provided by Country Gourmet and the Hitching Post 5 – 7pm
Beer provided by Big Sky Brewing Company and the Hitching Post
Big Hole Watershed Committee river information
Factory Vendors from Simms, Winston Fly Rods, Scott Fly Rods, Rising Tools, Big Sky Brewing, Sunrise Fly Shop, Brett Seng Photography, and Audible Imagery.

From where we sit we consider the Big Hole Watershed Committee to be one of the more unique river and watershed organizations in the country. Formed way back in 1995 before there were templates available to help groups like this actually accomplish meaningful goals, the Big Hole’s ranchers, conservationists, guides, business owners, government representatives and concerned citizens have been working hard and getting things done to preserve this great fishery AND serve the needs of a very diverse group of users.

The Big Hole River is 155 miles of extraordinarily fishy water running through some of the prettiest – and least populated – country in the lower forty-eight. There are flocks of bugs, some incredible fish and some of the niftiest people in the state in this watershed.

Can’t make the event? No problem – you can still don your superman (or woman) cape and donate right here.

Well done BHWC.