Thirsty Thursday: Red’s Bourbon and Ginger Ale

by Jake McGlothlin on April 25, 2013

in Thirsty Thursday

Talking to friend Amanda this week, and she sounds like she needs a drink.  Planning a move is never fun (even if it is to the coast), and throw trying to buy a car into the mix and you’ve got trouble brewing. Two things help in this kind of situation: Have a stiff drink, and go fishing.  Preferably both at the same time.  Amanda’s drink of choice?  Bourbon and ginger ale.

reeds ginger brewGinger ale is a great mixer that seems to go well with everything.  Add vodka and lime and you’ve got a Moscow Mule.  Add whiskey and you’ve got a refreshing and relaxing drink.  But I’ve never personally tried it with bourbon.  Not knowing much about bourbon in the first place, I would probably be overwhelmed trying to pick one out.  From the “expert”, Maker’s Mark is a good choice for this drink.  Sub whatever your personal favorite is instead.

Preparation is simple.  Pour some bourbon into a glass.  How much you use depends on how you’re feeling.  Fill with ginger ale.  Add a twist of lime and consume.  Repeat.

A word on ginger ale…  It’s worth it to buy the good stuff.  If you can find Reed’s Ginger Brew or Blenheim in your grocery store buy it.  You’ll find it worth the extra price.  Vernor’s and Canada Dry are your next best option.