Thirsty Thursday: Tropical Drinks

by Jake McGlothlin on March 7, 2013

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With winter in it’s last days, everyone is thinking spring and warm weather.  What better way to do that than with tropical drinks?  Sure, you could do what everyone else does and sit in some beach chairs in your snowy backyard and drink Corona but why not be a bit more creative than that?

There are so many tropical drinks to choose from.  I recently happened upon a recipe that looked pretty damn good, if for no other reason than I like pineapple juice.  It’s called the Goombay Smash.  Here’s how to make it:


6 tablespoons pineapple juice
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup Malibu rum
2 tablespoons light rum
2 tablespoons gold rum
2 tablespoons dark rum
2 pineapple wedges
2 orange slices

(If you don’t like the idea of buying all that different rum, pull a cheap bastard and just use one rum for everything.  Or pull a poor bastard, give up on the fancy drink, and pop open a beer)

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, juices, and rum.  Shake it well.  Fill a couple of glasses with ice and pour the drink into it.  Garnish with pineapple and orange slices and serve.  Or just eat the pineapple.  Either way works.

While you sip this fruity concoction, close your eyes and imagine the sound of waves hitting the beach, the warm salt air around you, beautiful, buxom women in bikinis everywhere, and the biggest bonefish you’ve ever even heard of nosing toward your fly…

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