Spring Training

by Jake McGlothlin on March 6, 2013

in Damn!

Now that March is finally here it’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming season in earnest.  Winter is in the home stretch, the days are getting longer, and the snow is slowly receding up the mountains.  It won’t be too much longer before grass is greening up and pre runoff mayflies fill the air.

If you’re like me this year, a lot of your winter has been spent either at work or at home.  Hopefully you’ve been able to get out a few times to stave off cabin fever and stretch your legs.  But odds are you aren’t in as good as shape as you’d like to be for the upcoming season.  I know I’m not.

Spring is a great season to be outside.  The weather is nice, the summer tourists haven’t all shown up yet, everyone gets all excited to be outside after a long winter.  The pre runoff fishing can be freaking awesome.  Once run off really hits though, it’s time to hit the lakes.

Last year I had all kinds of plans to hike into several lakes in the surrounding mountains.  I only made it to one of them.  The rest fell by the wayside due to lack of time and being in sorry shape.  So this year I’m planning ahead and starting to get in shape early.  Last night marked the first hike of the year; a pitiful hour long trip up to the college M that was punctuated with many stops to rest my aching legs and suck wind.

m hike

However sad last night was, it can only get better.  And it will.  Spring bear season starts in less than 6 weeks, and fishing is going to be getting good around that same time.  Whatever your plans to get in shape for this year are, get started now.

Spring will be here before you know it.