2013: The January Five

by Mark McGlothlin on December 31, 2012

in Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Top of the list for 2013.

Short and sweet with a twist of the unusual and a decided bent for home country.

Missouri River Trifecta. Oxymoronic at several levels. Nice brown and fat ‘bow from up high and carp from the lower river. One day, all on the fly. Yuck it up.

WyCuttSlamAwardWyoming Cutt Slam. Four days, four truly nifty native fish. And then have them use ‘Awesome’ as my middle name on the certificate.

Flounder on the Fly. Not a common target, fall season probably best and for most of us means a trip to the Gulf. (Good flounder-on-the-fly read here.) It ain’t all about redfish.

Redbands. Still on the list from last year. Bring a sidearm and hit the Kootenai, Yak and Spokane river drainages.

Match Jake’s Grayling / Native Cuttie Twofer. He won’t tell where though I can at least when from the image metadata. He’s only divulged it was small water in a place you’d not expect it. Negotiations in progress.