The Good Guys Win One At Windy Gap

by Jake McGlothlin on December 5, 2012

in Water Worth Saving

Every now and then the good guys win one. Yesterday I got an email from Chi Wulff friend, Colorado TU President, and coffee-meister Sinjin Eberle informing me that their efforts to help protect the Upper Colorado River have not been in vain.

An agreement was reached between the Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Grand County Staff, Trout Unlimited, and the Upper Colorado River Alliance to implement a number of measures to help conserve and protect the river from the effects of the Windy Gap Firming Project.  The five key issues the conservation groups had with the project; stopping pumping when water temps get too high, higher flushing flows to adequately scour and clean the river, habitat restoration, the Windy Gap bypass, and adaptive management, were all addressed in the agreement.

This is a big deal, folks.

You can read about it all in more detail from the Colorado TU website.

A big congratulations goes out to Sinjin, Colorado TU, and everyone who had a hand in making this happen.  The Upper Colorado has a ways to go yet, but at least now it’s on the right track.