Pics of the Day: Montana Smoke

by Mark McGlothlin on August 25, 2012

in Weekly Wonders

Fire smoke is something Westerners hope and pray they never see every fire season. That said, rarely does a summer pass without natural or man-caused fires burning somewhere in the neighborhood. Like most folks who’ve spent time under the Big Sky, we’ve seen summers with nary a wisp of smoke and others that would make you think the entire county next door is burning to a crisp.

Friends and enemies all back home in Bozeman have been chatting more intently this week about the smoke plume rolling over from the massive fires burning in Idaho. From NOAA’s Fire Detect tools is this image taken this morning of the massive smoke plume rolling east from the fires in CA and ID – it’s a whopper.

Fire Girl Jess managed to get an early morning snap of the smokey sky at sunrise somewhere in Gallatin Canyon above.

Bring on the fall rains.