Thirsty Thursday: Red’s Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour

by Jake McGlothlin on May 3, 2012

in Thirsty Thursday

After a couple of weeks of forgetting all about my Thirsty Thursday responsibilities, I’m back on the case.  It’s amazing what working retail will do to your sense of what day of the week it is…

Being back in Bozeman means I’m back in the country of excellent beer.  Superb beer.  Beer named after flies, fishing, and rivers.  Good stuff, in other words.  But before delving into the sudsy depths of microbrew, I have to share this simple recipe for a whisky sour.

While I haven’t tried it myself – liquor is damned expensive – I have it on good authority that it’s pretty awesome.  Thanks Amanda for sharing the recipe.

1 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1oz Bulliet Rye Whiskey
1 oz Meyer lemon juice
Honey to taste
If you use regular lemon juice, only use 3/4 of an oz.
Shake this drink, don’t stir.

Thursday’s are my Mondays, so I just might be needing one of these by the end of the day.