A Few Ch…Ch…Changes for Team Chi Wulff

by Mark McGlothlin on April 30, 2012

in Chi Wulff

The dust has finally settled on a damned hectic two months for most of us posting here on Chi Wulff.

Jake has finally made it back to Bozeman, damned fishy place that it is, and is carving out a new reality in an expensive mountain town. An expensive mountain town with more fly fishing options in a 100 mile radius than you can shake a stick at (or find in many other places in the lower forty-eight). Fly fishing options that a lot of folks around would walk out of their uptown city lives to fish up close and personal for a year or two.

He has a penchant for writing, and despite having a book in progress, he’s going to be writing a bit more on the blog.

Jess has, in a relatively short time-frame, been hired as the assistant manager of the Ponoi River Company’s Ryabaga Camp on the Kola peninsula. As of today she’s wrapping up a job in Austin and preparing to head up to the Seattle area to spend a few weeks and then head for Russia mid-May.

She’ll be writing a weekly column for Chi Wulff about life in camp from mid-May through mid-October, running her ass off with camp duties and grabbing pics, writing interviews and collecting stories for future posterity. Her work permit has been approved by Russian authorities and she only has to tag the somewhat hard to get visa now….

As I shared a few weeks ago, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I have relocated to the southern end of Puget Sound to capture an opportunity that popped up for SWMBO. My work can be done from anywhere and I’ve lucked into a part-time gig as the marketing director / tech flunky for the Gig Harbor Fly Shop.

After nearly three decades of plunking down cash in shops all over the country and wondering if I’d ever really want to own one someday, the stars aligned to allow me to join a team of savvy and very innovative guys who I think are beginning to understand (at least as well as anyone out there right now) what the future of the small independent fly shop might hold.

We’re hip deep in conceptualizing a new web site and store portal right now and the next few months will prove most interesting as several big changes in the industry begin to shape the new face of the retail side of the sport.

Quinn is still working hard on his book and still getting out to fish a bit. We’ll try and coax a few more posts out of him along the way.

We’re looking to expand our team and will likely be adding a new face or two over the next few months….