Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t….

by Mark McGlothlin on March 12, 2012

in Chi Wulff

We’ve been somewhat conspicuously absent from Chi Wulff over the weekend.

She Who Must Be Obeyed and I secured new digs in the Olympia area on Friday and unloaded the moving truck on Saturday. There’s been precious little time for thinking and writing about fishing and damned well no time for fishing recently.

Had an interesting discussion along the way with our moving crew who were increasingly dismayed to note that we something in the neighborhood of 60 boxes of books to unload. They had a hard time getting their minds around the fact that anyone would even want to own a pile of books like this much less move it from place to place.

We almost sheepishly offered our usual explanation that we’d rather read or write than watch TV; our act of giving up TV watching 10+ years ago was deemed incomprehensible.

(That said, it should be noted that right now SWMBO is damned pissed that we can’t find her Mario Cart gear for the Wii; she’s a demon behind the virtual wheel and almost unbeatable as Toad on the bit bike.)

For the first time since SWMBO and I married some years ago, we even gave away / sold a truckload of books before the move, though not without some wailing and gnashing of teeth on SWMBO’s part. It hardly made a dent in the stack(s) though and I just can’t get SWMBO interested in reading ebooks as of yet.

So I guess the hassle of moving books (and other sundry possessions) from place to place is one of those damned if you do and damned if don’t quandaries in life, though it will be a thing of increasingly distant memory over the next few days.

Jake (the lucky bastard) has been on the ground in Bozeman since Friday and should have his mancave up and running in the next few days.

We’ll be back to being fishy here on Chi Wulff shortly. (As long as the roof stays on – just watched an arm sized limb launch from a tall tree across the street in this morning’s wind storm and nail the windshield of the neighbor’s truck.)