Good Stuff on the Upper Colorado River Battle from the Metropolis of Minturn

by Mark McGlothlin on March 2, 2012

in Water Worth Saving

Minturn Anglers fly fishing guide, Minturn resident and dad Bob Streb wrote a great letter to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper a few days ago; read the full letter here.

A couple of things that caught our eye…

My name is Bob Streb, my little family lives in Minturn, Colorado on the banks of the Eagle River, just one of the incredible places we enjoy in the mountains we call home. One of the other places is the Upper Colorado River. I am a fly fishing guide and I spend many days showing friends, both new and old, this very special place. The Upper Colorado River has become part of me and I often feel a deep need to be in a boat feeling her currents under me. The loss of this freedom is a very real possibility if any more of her water is diverted. I understand this situation has economic implications for everyone but, I hope you understand the spiritual and emotional impact it will have also.


All of us who enjoy that River hope you will at least slow the process down some more, absorb all the data, explore every option and educate your fellow state officials on all the facts. Conservation of water is the way. Conservation will lead to preservation of this place. Our 4 year old already understands how to help do his part and now its your turn to lead by example. I am blown away at the realization of how many people in this state just believe that water comes from the tap. Knowledge is power and you currently sit in a seat fit to educate the growing front range on how valuable a resource water is and where it comes from. This river can not give anymore of her blood and continue to be the heart of this state’s image. I know some look at the mountains when they think of this state but last I checked there isn’t one named Colorado, there is a wonderful body of water with it’s name though.

All things start at the top Sir, everything flows downstream or at least should.