Just One June Day in Southwest Montana

by Mark McGlothlin on February 27, 2012

in Inquiring Minds Want to Know

This email rolled in yesterday from reader KM….

…I’ve got a consulting gig lined up and will be in Big Sky for a few days in mid June. Unfortunately my schedule is really busy that time of year and I’ve only been able to carve out one day to fish. Where would you go if you only had one full day to hit the water?


Pardon my answering your query here in the blog – I figured we’d throw our two cents worth at you and then some of the real genuine experts who drop in now and again could weigh in as well.

Suggestion number one – steal another day. Yep, we understand it’s busy and we understand the issues related to running a business. You’re going to be here anyway; we’d be planning that mystery illness / food poisoning event / theft of your rental car right now.

Mid-June your destination will at least in part be determined by the drivers of the seasonal runoff – snowpack and late spring / early summer weather.

Looking back at the last two Junes, access has been skimpy given the massive snowpacks and late arrival of warmer weather to drive runoff. Snowpack is still running a tad behind normal in southwest Montana right now, though what the next few months bring remains to seen.

You’ll be just down the road from the upper Gallatin which offers some very nifty fishing (below and in the Park), though it’s still pretty damned cold that time of year.

If it were me, I’d make my top three possibles on the list the Firehole (yep, I’m biased as hell and it should still be fishing well before warming up in the summer sun), the upper Madison and the Henry’s Fork.

Keep an eye on snowpack and the weather as your trip gets a bit closer; Jake will be back on the ground up there in about 10 days and I’ve sent you his email address to check in as your trip gets closer. If your thinking of heading out with a guide let him know and we’ll get you a list of our favs.