It’s Time To Go Home

by Jake McGlothlin on February 21, 2012

in Chi Wulff

Have you ever seen the classic movie Jeremiah Johnson?  Near the end of the movie, Jeremiah comes across his old friend Del Gue.  As they part ways, Del says something that has always resonated with me: “The Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world”.  It’s one of those quotes that if you get it, you get it, and if you don’t, you don’t.

After almost two years of self-imposed exile for work in the barren land of Texas, it is time to go home.  All my goals have been accomplished, and I’ve gotten done everything I needed to.  As previous posts will show, Montana has been on the mind lately.  And it’s Montana I’m coming home to.

If luck and planning holds out, I’ll be departing for Bozeman early on the morning of March 10.  While I was thinking about my return to the West, I thought about moving someplace new, like Colorado or Idaho.  But Montana will always be home.

Once I get home and get settled in I’m looking forward to making the rounds and introducing myself to some friends we’ve made on here.. Headhunters, Yukon, and the FCFT guys, to name a few.

As for my Texas friends, it’s been great guys.  You are always welcome to come visit.  My couch might suck, but it’s a couch in Bozeman.

In three weeks, I’ll be sitting in Old Chicago in Bozeman, sipping on a Salmonfly Honey Rye, swapping stories with old friends.

Hot damn.