Snow, Slovenia, and the Fly Fish Chick…..

by Mark McGlothlin on April 23, 2009

in Culture, Books, Art

shockchimpthumb409I just looked up from just over three hours of grinding out a project on the computer, and I’ll be damned if it’s not snowing like crazy in Bozeman this afternoon. 

My mental ruminations follow in staccato outbursts: 

Snowing hard.  Big flakes.  Flakes the size of a quarter.  Visibility’s down to about a half mile.  Working hard to find a positive response – it’s building snow pack, it’s supposed to snow in April, this should slow river flows down for a day or two.  Breathing hard.  Palms sweaty. Damn – it was 80 yesterday and the natives were in shorts and halter tops.  Think positive, positive, positive…..

Think of fishing in nice places, like in the Slovenia vid the Taunted by Waters guys put up on the 19th…..

Think of having some fun in warm places, like yesterday in Austin with the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour and the Fly Fish Chick’s entourage; her video is pure Austin…..